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  • Listening to: P!nk
  • Reading: Blood Magic
  • Watching: Kung Pow: Fist of Fury
  • Playing: Final Fantasy X-2
  • Eating: Flamin' Hot Cheetos
  • Drinking: Pepsi
I just spent two hours playing Final Fantasy X-2 doing this mission underground, and I totally got obliterated. Yeah, and I forgot to save. :iconnooooplz: My life is ruined now. :iconohnoooplz:

So I was sitting in my poetry class today, doing whatever poetry students do, and my teacher decides that she wants to show us something fun since half of the class was gone anyway. So she pops in a movie called The Princess Bride. I haven't seen that movie in FOREVER!! :heart: I forgot how much I loved it! :giggle:

:iconsleepyplz: I is tired right nao... it kinda sucks cow balls. :iconewwwplz:

Nat and I are going to practice our right to play video games all day tomorrow and play us some Halo. :iconmasterchiefplz: All I know is that it's going to be pretty FREAKIN' titty! (Which means cool...I promise! :nod:) The only thing that sucks is that if Natalee plays video games for too long, she gets motion sickness and has to stop. Having to stop right in the middle of shooting down a Ghost rider really isn't ideal. Buuuut...she's the only one of my girlfriends who likes to play video games with me.

:giggle: I've been watching this movie called Kung Pow: Fist of Fury for the past several months, and oh my goodness, I freaking love that show! It's hilarious!! :lmao:

Ugh, I need to do College paperwork tomorrow...what kind of crap is that?

Too tired to write anything else.... :icontiredplz: My head is laying on the computer desk...I think that's my cue to get off now...
ulquihime2ghter Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013
i love princess bride. i found it at walmart for 5 bucks. I was so happy but my mom said no. titty means cool? i didn't know that. hahaha it sounds british but i would love to learn the old english language. you have poetry classes at your college? nice
animemangetsu Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I know! It is one of the best movies ever! :meow: And yeah, "titty" was a phase that I went through--it does mean cool in this context. I don't even think it's a common thing in our language; it's just something my friends and I would say. So slang sort of.

I don't have poetry classes as of right now, but I am taking three other English classes this semester!
ulquihime2ghter Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013
okay yay.
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